Would you rather questions for kids

Would rather questions for kids

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Here is The list of top and trendy would you rather questions for kids, Just pick the best questions for your friends and family, and yes Enjoy..!

List of Would You Rather Questions for Kids

1. Would you rather be able to slide down rainbows or jump on clouds?

2. Would you rather never have to brush your teeth again or never have to take a bath or shower again?

3. Would you rather lick the bottom of your shoe or eat your boogers?

4. Would you rather eat a dead bug or a live worm?

5. Would you rather go to the doctor or the dentist?

6. Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?

7. Would you rather brush your teeth with soap or drink sour milk?

8. Would you rather only be able to walk on all fours or only be able to walk sideways like a crab?

9. Would you rather surf in the ocean with a bunch of sharks or surf with a bunch or jellyfish?

10. Would you rather be super strong or super-fast?

11. Would you rather lick a dirty trash can or the bathroom floor?

12. Would you rather have a magic carpet that flies or your own personal robot?

13. Would you rather be the worst player on a team that always wins or the best player on a team that always loses?

14. Would you rather have one eye in the middle of your head or two noses?

15. Would you rather see a firework display or go to a concert?

16. Would you rather go water skiing or snow skiing?

17. Would you rather eat donuts or candy?

18. Would you rather fly a kite or ride on a scooter?

19. Would you rather have an extra finger or an extra toe?

20. Would you rather only be able to crawl on all fours or only be able to walk backwards?

21: Would you rather have to ride an elephant or a camel to school every day?

22: Would you rather have to drink everything from your ears or eat everything with your bellybutton?

23: Would you rather have to eat two full lumps of sugar or eat one small pinch of salt?

24: Would you rather sweat sticky lemonade or have your breath always smell like garlic?

25: Would you rather forever have to eat with your feet or walk with your hands?

26: Would you rather sound like a cow mooing every time you laughed or sound like a chicken every time your screamed?

27: Would you rather have a single pair of eyes on the back of your head of one pair of eyes on each side of your head?

28: Would you rather have a house that is built with jello or a car that is made with graham crackers and honey?

29: Would you rather possess the ability to know what your classmates are thinking or be completely invisible?

30: Would you rather eat however many teddy grahams or fish crackers that you wanted?

31: Would you rather make funny sounds all of the time or would you rather have a tree growing out of your head?

32: Would you rather have webbed feet or webbed hands?

33: Would you rather have rainbow colored skin or a voice that sings every time you speak?

34: Would you rather have a body that is shaped like a candy cane or shaped like a lollipop?

35: Would you rather giggle every time you spoke or would you rather everyone you spoke to giggled in response to what you’ve said? 

36: Would you rather have to sleep hanging upside down or sleep in a bed of garbage?

37: Would you rather have to use a little box to go to the bathroom or be walked like a dog?

38: Would you rather have very smelly feet or hair that smells like lasagna?

39: Would you rather be tickled by a vampire or licked by a werewolf every single day?

40: Would you rather turn into a purple bear or a heart shaped pillow every time you felt happy?

41: Would you rather live in a place where it is always hot or always cold?

42: Would you rather have a magic carpet or a magic wand?

43: Would you rather be invisible or be able to stop time?

44: Would you rather be the smartest person in the room or the richest person in the room?

45: Would you rather always win the lotto or always win at love?

46: Would you rather be a famous singer or a famous dancer?

47: Would you rather be famous or be married to someone who is famous?

48: Would you rather know how to paint or know how to sculpt?

49: Would you rather be 5 years younger or 10 years older?

50: Would you rather live during the time of the dinosaurs or the time of the aliens?

51. Would you rather be a detective or a pilot?

52. Would you rather go skiing or go to a water park?

53. Would you rather fly a kite or swing on a swing?

54. Would you rather dance or sing?

55. Would you rather play hide and seek or dodgeball?

56. Would you rather be incredibly funny or incredibly smart?

57. Would you rather become five years older or two years younger?

58. Would you rather have a full suit of armor or a horse?

59. Would you rather be a master at drawing or be an amazing singer?

60. Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?

61. Would you rather live in a Tree house or an Igloo?

62. Would you play with your friends in the park or play a video game?

63. Would you rather ride a flying car or ride a unicorn?

64. Would you rather live in the clouds or underwater?

65.Would you rather have purple skin or a blue tongue?

66. Would you rather have purple hair or green hair?

67. Would you rather fly a kite or sail a boat?

68. Would you rather find a treasure map or magic beans?

69. Would you rather be a wizard or a superhero?

70. Would you rather eat a watermelon or a mango?

71. Would you rather ride an elephant or a camel?

72. Would you rather eat one bar of chocolate or two popsicles?

73. Would you rather be a wizard or a knight?

74. Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?

75.Would you rather be a wizard or a knight?Would you rather ride a dragon or be rich?

76. Would you rather be really pretty or be really smart?

77. Would you rather swim with dolphins or swim with turtles?

78. Would you rather be an amazing dancer or an amazing singer?

79. Would you rather play football or hide and seek?

80. Would you rather play with a group of friends or your best friend?

81. Would you rather spend the night at the American Museum of Natural History or the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

82. Would you rather go to school at Hogwarts to learn to be a magician or the Jedi Praxeum to learn to be a Jedi?

83. Would you rather play for the Yankees or headline a Broadway show?

84. Would you rather drive the subway or pilot the Staten Island Ferry?

85. Would you rather be able to freeze time or travel anywhere in the world instantaneously?

86. Would you rather tickle a cockroach or hug a snake?

87. Would you rather have to skip everywhere you go or walk everywhere backwards?

88. Would you rather eat the same thing every day or never get to go on the Internet again?

89. Would you rather have someone do all your chores or do all the homework for your least favorite subject?

90. Would you rather have to go to school in your pajamas for a day or write a poem and then read it over the loudspeaker during the first period?

91. Would you rather break everything you touch or get shocked every time you touch something?

92. Would you rather be your family dog or a wild wolf?

93. Would you rather be the best athlete who ever lived or the best singer who ever lived?

94. Would you rather live 100 years in the future or 100 years in the past?

95. Would you rather have super strength or super hearing?

96. Would you rather make the best movie ever or the best album ever?

97. Would you rather only be an Instagram influencer or only be YouTube famous?

98. Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn?

99. Would you rather be the richest person in the world and hate what you do, or have an average wage and love what you do?

100. Would you rather read minds or have read every book in the world?

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Would You Rather Questions For kids, teens, couples, friends, students, etc

would you rather question

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